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In a span of thirteen years and from three simple trainings in Peru and Uganda, the “beyond what we could ask or imagine” occurred. The number of ITI trainings increased to more than 100 annually, meaning that somewhere in the world two sizable groups of leaders are being equipped every week! The ITI spread to 26 countries. Some of these trainings are approached creatively as access is limited and persecution remains prevalent. Even during the Covid pandemic, global trainings continued—
sometimes remotely on Zoom, and then gradually resuming in-person gatherings.


The result? Tens of thousands of Christian leaders benefit from the trainings. They lead vital ministries for Jesus with encouragement and a vision to reach new generations. This is amazing. We are thankful!

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Not only has multiplication developed within existing regions where we work, but new requests also arrive from new places. People have experienced the value of the International Training Institute. Our global co-workers have said it the best:  “People are hungry for practical, biblical, relationally-oriented training that touches their everyday lives and ministries.” Network Beyond recognizes this as an incredible opportunity to advance God’s work in the world.

We’re privileged to know many faithful people and churches who have stood with us through this remarkable story. Their generosity has been humbling.


As we’ve prayed and planned, this has become exceedingly clear:  We need to expand the Network Beyond support family and team to continue the work and to be able to say “Yes” to new opportunities.  To continue the work forward requires a growing movement of generosity.  We need you!

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The goal is to see 2,000 families, churches, and businesses commit $50/month or more to meet the challenge. What will this accomplish?

  • The consistent development of new generations of leaders and facilitators in each country and region.

  • A growing participation of churches and pastors to both train others and to develop critical global ministries.

  • An exponential advance of the gospel with the transformation of people and communities God brings.

  • Movements into new countries and regions of the world.

This is doable. Imagine if there were two thousand of us willing to invest in this giving opportunity over the next three years! We all would be involved in making a difference that is lasting and life changing. If you would like to give to the expanding work that Network Beyond is involved with, click the button below. Think about this!  Your investment advances the gospel today and for generations to come.



Here’s Javad. Born in Afghanistan, raised in Iran, Javad emigrated to Europe, literally a man without a country. He became a follower of Jesus, possessing a wonderful passion to serve in a full-time capacity. Javad attended and graduated from an ITI conducted in Austria. Network Beyond leaders saw his heart and leadership capacity. Javad now leads Farsi-speaking ITI’s with a new work in Germany, Austria, and exploring what training leaders might look like in Greece.

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Meet the Dream Team. This gifted group of Kenyans came from various tribes to attend and later graduate from the ITI. In the process, they became dear friends. As their team grew, they trained leaders from ten African nations. One of their new friends, Isaac, lives in Zambia. Isaac shares the vision and wants to bring ITI training to six neighboring countries bordering Zambia.  And the Dream Team’s plans continue not only in Africa but also in parts of the Persian Gulf.

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This is Juvenal and Katty. While many dream of reaching neighborhoods, Juvenal and Katty dream of reaching entire continents—training leaders from Paraguay to Cuba. From nearby Colombia, Hector also sees the need. His ITI teams work among tribal communities deep within Colombian and Venezuelan jungle regions. Meanwhile, Juvenal and Katty begin new works in additional Latin American nations and with emergent young leaders from across the continent. Our Latin Americal friends also dream of Spain and yes, even the Spanish-speaking United States.

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Much has happened. God has been at work. Now the dream continues a thousand generations!  Will you join us?

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