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The formation of Network Beyond was unexpected, yet remarkably timely. Our story begins with groups of peoplemostly from churcheswho set out to make a difference in the world. 

Significant momentum to care for the needs of people materialized through courageous steps of a local church in Greeley, Colorado. Christ Community Church challenged its members to give substantial time and money to make a difference in its community and world. This generous response inspired significant works of compassion around the world.



With the opening of the Kenya Girls' Rescue Center, new partnerships with the sex trafficked in Asia, and the first International Training Institute, there was a need for an organization dedicated to fuel that growth and lead the expansion. In 2010, Network Beyond became a government-recognized 501(c)3 non-profit.


Our Story -- Kenya-India Blurb.jpg

New partnerships quickly flourish in new countries. Faithful giving allows Network Beyond to invest nearly a quarter of a million dollars in ministry expansion. The International Training Institute continues to grow exponentially--over 300 leaders trained, with 23 of them graduating from the ITI.



Network Beyond expands onto four continents, training Muslim refugees in Europe to inmates in South America to deaf pastors in Africa.  In addition to U.S.-led teaching teams, many national leaders join Network Beyond's teaching and prayer teams to reach 1,414 students in seven countries.


Network Beyond continues to pursue partnerships with other non-profits, with ministry taking place in 35 countries.  A cumulative 17,000 leaders have been trained through multiple International Training Institutes.  Now, more global leaders than U.S. leaders direct ministry.



2020 brought change…political instability,  less welcoming attitudes toward European immigrants, and of course COVID and related travel issues. These provided hardship, but also opportunities. Training included both in-person and online formats and introduced us to leaders from creative-access countries. Vision grew and the first Global Summit took place in Kenya to gather core global leadership.




As Network Beyond has grown to work in 35 countries, we have seen the value of partnerships.  We work closely with organizations who are doing phenomenal work in their communities.

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